Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OUR HOUSE - Part 1

Assalamualaikum all,

Alhamdullilah, after a long pause, I manage to update things that happened this few weeks. As I said in my previous post, I'll blog about our new house.. Alhamdullilah, we got the key last two weeks.. Since then, we never stop searching, contacting and dealing with contractors.. Alhamdullilah, everything went smoothly except for the health of mine and the two kids.. We were down with fever and cough and until now I'm voiceless (tiada suara ya puan-puan).

The house is under construction since we decided to enlarge the kitchen. I'll blog about it phase by phase k. So, this is the first phase of pics (walaupun agak lambat dah kan).

Front view

Side view

Under construction ceiling

Tada.....The ceiling was done!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

I guessed it is not too late to share my 'raya' stories since today we're still in Syawal month. Same as previous years, we celebrated our 1st Syawal in Kemaman, my hubby's hometown. We reached there on 27 Ramadan and stayed there until 3rd Syawal.. Lama kan?? Hope this long period can sweeten and tighten the relationship of my kids with their Tok Ma, uncles, aunties and cousins. Almaklumlah, jarang balik kampung!!

We had such a good time there with lots of activities. Here are some;

i) Me and hubby started fasting on 2nd Syawal.. Early right? Actually, we are too full with the non stop eating acivities on the 1st Syawal.. huhu. We manage to cook popia for the crowd.. Good one!!

ii)We had barbeque session on 2nd Syawal. Happening tak hengat. The best part was the fire crackers. Ammar yang penakut pun sudah berani.. Hurmm, impressive!!

iii) We went to Kuala Terengganu on 3rd Syawal for 'rombongan meminang'. Alhamdulilah, the reception was simple but nice and of course the bride-to-be is stunning.. Tak caya tgk gamba k..

iv) On 4th Syawal, we went to Bukit Gambang waterpark.. This time with my nieces and sister. Memang ramai org but I prefer this place rather than Tambun Waterpark.. Orang yang paling happy was Aiman.. We did promise him to visit any theme park during this raya break.. Alhamdullilah, we manage to fulfill our promise..

We went back to Perlis on 6 Syawal (Wednesday) but I'm on leave until 9 Syawal (Sunday). To wrap our raya celebration, on Saturday night, we organized a barbeque party especially for our close friends.

Here are some pics that all of you might have seen them in FB.. Apa2 pun, layan jer k..

With my MIL.. Green theme uols..

Family portrait


Engagement ceremony.. Cantikkan the bride-to-be..?

@Bukit Gambang Waterpark.. Aiman with his cousins..

P/S: InsyaAllah by this week, I'll receive the key of my new house.. Couldn't wait.. I'll blog about it later k...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Salam all,

It had been almost a month since the last update. Life had been occupied with works and kids. This ramadan had been a very special ramadan for me.. Why? Lets share some here;


1. My maid ran away...Sob2.. But I had the passport and her salary with me.. Sedikit kelam kabut especially when need to deal with immigration. Luckily the officer was very good. So, everything went well, alhamdullilah..

2. Its study leave matter again.. Ya Allah, kenapalah susah sangat hambamu ni nak sambung belajar..? I'm not doing the wrong thing right? Its a boss-worker conflict... Its matter of trustworthy, my ambition, pithiness and responsibility.. arrggghh, jiwa kacau sungguh kamu Azian...

3. To add the sour of this Ramadan, my laptop malfunction a day before I went back for hari raya... Huhu, langsung tak boleh hidup.. Ishk, iskh, iskh ... Sabar je lak ye...


1. Hijrah - this Ramadan was a HIJRAH to me.. InsyaAllah, hijrah towards being a better muslimah, InsyaAllah.

2. Life had never been this peaceful. This Ramadan I am very blessed.. Thank you Allah.

3. The best gift ever in this Ramadan was the my programme; Environmental Engineering Programme (I claimed it as my programme since I'm the programme Chairmen, boleh?) had been accredited for 2 years. ALHAMDULLILAH...

Actually, I had more that I couldn't remember.. huhu.. The raya experience will be shared later.. Kurang semangat skit nak cerita pasala raya sebab I lost my camera battery.. so maksudnya tak da gamba from the camera.. What a shame.. I need to get a new one..

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

I am really happy today that finally my baby boy (opss baby ke??), finally went to school for the first time..!! Yeay!! For those who knew about sending Aiman to school's issue must said "At last, the dilemma off".. Huhu, actually its not a very easy decision to made (itu sebab papa dia yang hantar sekolah, kalo tidak smpi sudah Aiman tak p sekolah) but my hubby is very determine to send him to school (walaupun pagi tadi his determination went 50-50, huhu).. But whats matter is that he went to school...

On the afternoon, I fetched him and asked him about the school. Here are some of his responses.

Mama: Aiman, best dak sekolah?(Please read this with excited tone..)
Aiman: Best!
Mama: Aiman ramai kawan tak?
Aiman: Ramai.
Mama: Seronok tak ramai kawan?
Aiman: Seronok, tapi lepas tu Aiman berebut dengan kawan. Itu peti ais Aiman. (He's talking about his playdoh refrigerator. He brought along his toys to the school.)
Mama: (trying to change the subject).. Teacher bagi Aiman makan tak?
Aiman: Aiman tak suka meehoon.
Mama: Aiman belajar apa?
Aiman: Aiman belajar frog.
Mama: Lagi?
Aiman: Alah itu semualah... (Jawapan malas nk layan!!)

Ok, its was obvious that me is more excited than Aiman.. So, all, here are few pics of him at school. From my hubby's bb.

"What am I going to do now? Wow, they all are so small!!".Maybe thats what his thinking.

Pose to his dad..

Opening his toy's plastic..All his friends start aiming. Huhu.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

Its quite sometimes since the last update. Actually, my life now is not as busy as 4 months back. But somehow, the intention to update is very low. This is sooo verryyy noot good. So, now I make an update on myself and the kids in numbering/bulleting format (Ini namanya kerja orang malas, huhu):


1. I am sooo into reading right now.. Huhu, before you are amaze, I am not reading very knowledgeable thingie, I am soo in to Sophie Kinsella right now. I've read all series of shopaholic in 2 months times. Oklah tu, considering I'm a working mother with 2 kids, kan?

2. I'm in the process of applying my PhD. Yes, finally I got the green light from my boss. Actually, for this issue it quite a long story. Next time, I'll share (tu pun kalo ingat..)

3. I love my weekend very much. Ive got back my privilege that I've lost two months back. yeay!!

4. I have to teach the subject that I hated the most for next semester i.e. process control. Why on earth there is no one knows the subject? If there is one, the lecturer is occupied with other subject.. Haaissh..

5. According to my boss, I can retire from being a programme chairman on August. Ohh, I couldn't wait!!

6. Nowadays, I always forgot to bring my camera (thats why most of the time the post is pictureless). To be exact, I forgot where I placed the charger.

7. I always had this 'short-term-memory-loss'. It getting worse day to day. Sometimes, I forgot what I wanted to say in the middle of conversation. Teruk kan..? I must really do something about this..

8. Oh, I loveee online shopping.. Not that before I dont shop online, but my addiction become worse nowadays. Ooopss, I think I've revealed my secret to the hubby. Huhu, he always asked me where my money goes . And I always said its for household.. So, after this I need to find a new reason.. Huhu.

9. I really missed my best buddy Amalia. I really wanted to see how she looked when she's pregnant. She must be glowing!! I really hope I can see u soon. Dearie, if you read this, I want you to know I REALLY MISS YOU. I've a lot of things to share. I did share with other people but I don't get any response the way I expected them to be. Owh, I miss you so much. More than I can describe!


1. He is soo cheeky now.

2. I love everything he said. Like, once I nagged to him, he will say, "Mama ni, pok pek pok pek" or he is always be papa's colony but at the same time, he try to get my attention. He will say to me, "Papa ni kan asyik meeting je kan" once his papa not with him (although his papa can still hear him, huhu).

3. He loves his adik very much.. I hope this will forever.

4. He is so ready to go to school. I think I wanna give him a try this month.

5. He loves to argue with bibik and his wan. Pening dah mama nak jd referee.. huhu

6. Everyday, me or hubby need to brought him for a ride with little present (mainan lah ni). Everyday ok!! Miskin mama, huhu.


1. The thing that I love the most is when I came back from work, he will screamed happily. Tiga buah rumah kot dengar.

2. He can speak a few word, like 'mum mum', 'mama', 'papa' and 'car'. Huhu, but he understand everything you said. For example, I asked him to take his shoe. He will run to take his shoe.. Cuteness.

3. Ammar is quite different from Aiman. He is a lot more sensitive compared to Aiman. He love to sit on my lappy and being hugged whereas Aiman didn't really like to be hug at all. Sekarang jelah dah pandai sikit manja2. Tu pun after seing his Adik kissing me and manja2 dgn Mama. Huhu. Ammar sangat kuat merajuk whereas Aiman jenis tak kisah pun. Kalo suara kuat sikit marah Aiman mesti dia cakap, "Uissh, terkejut.. Mama ckp kuat sgt buat apa?"

For time being, that's all I could remember. This is the bad thing of postponing your entry. You forgot many things in between, huhu..

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

Aiman is now a big boy and he is very ready to go to school (tp mama dia yg x sempat hantar lagi..). Everyday, kije dia sekarang gaduh ngan bibik n wan dia. Last two weeks, he went to visit his Tok Ma and here is a post dedicated for him from his aunt. XOXO Cik Mala.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

Sorry for not updating anything for this few months. Life had never been this buzy.. huhu. While I'm 'away' from this blogging world, I'm preparing documents for EAC evaluation that happened to be last week..

How's the EAC's evaluation going? That a good question friend.. What I can say was that, it was not going very well.. What a frustration... After all this hard works, the result is not as I expected. None, ok!! I even end up crying in the meeting room. Very humialiating!! But, what to do? I cant stop the tears from falling down..huhu..

Some of them said that, very childish or even accusing me using women's weapon (tears) to tackle the panels.. For God sake, I never intended to do so. Those people who were not in the room, you can say anything you like since u were not there facing the most arrogant and snobbish people.

But dearest all, I did learn lots of thing actually from their visit. Yes, maybe I'm too young to be a "Program Chairman" that had to defend all the single things about the program. I had experience facing these arrogant people that I've never meet before. I learnt how to communicate with people who never can tell the answer but only had complains. I learnt how to adapt in the real world!!

But people, don't you think they owed me some respects???Sigh.

P/S: I still had my tears while typing this entry and after a week of break. Whats that mean??
Next week, I will facing another audit from SIRIM for ISO. This 1st evalaution gave quite traumatic experience, make me feel very nervous for the 2nd one.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Recently, I love to make fun of Aiman. Bukannya apa, his curiousity tu terlampau-lampau sekarang ni. So, once he was so naughty, I always said to him that I'll do magic so that he will pay attention to me.. So, for now, I had two situation where my big boy will amazed of my magic show.. Huhu, kira-kira macam magician lah ni :).

Situation 1:

Aiman loves to watch Disney Channel. One day, once we select the chanel, it appeared: "Siaran anda sedang dikemaskini. Sila letakkan decoder anda dalam mode stand by bagi membolehkan ianya dikemaskini". Lebih kurang macam ni lah tulisan yang appear on tv. So, Aiman requested to watch his favourite cartoon, Mr. Bean. So, what I did, I off the decoder and off the tv while I perform my Isya' prayer. I said to him; "Aiman tunggu tau.. Mama tgh buat magic. Sat lagi lps mama sembahyang, mesti boleh tengok Disney Chanel". He waited eagerly and keep asking his Wan, is it the right time to open the the tv. After performing my prayer, I on the decoder and tv and tadaa, the chanel is back. Aiman was very happy and said, "Macam mana mama buat magic.. Mama pandai lah".. Eventough, it is the praise from my little boy, I felt really happy that he appreciated what I did.. (Kalaulah dia dah besar dan tahu yang mama dia hanya ikut arahan on the tv screen, mesti dia kata mama telah mempermainkan dia.. Wakakaka)

Situation 2:

Aiman love to eat egg especially fried egg. The problem is he refuses to eat the yellow egg. One day, he requested to eat fried egg with rice. He orderred "Mama, Aiman nak telur dengan nasi. Tak mo telur kuning tau". So, what I did, I fried the egg thinly (make the egg spread in the frying pan), and let the yellow one half fried (telur kuning tu still cair). Once I fed him, I put the halfly fried yellow egg into his rice and top up with white egg. He didn't notice the difference in the taste. In the end, he ate all part of the egg. I said to him, "Ermm, magickan..? Telur kuning dah hilang.. " Aiman said, "Mama buat magic ek...? Mama pandailah buat magic.. Macammana mama buat..?" Huhu, Aiman Aiman.. Mmg kelakar ok!!

Monday, March 29, 2010



Dear all, I'm back... Alhamdullilah, after 3 weeks that were very intensed, I finally got my own sweet space again.

Yesterday was my little boy 1st birthday.. Happy birthday, sayang.. I can still remember the day I was induced, and now, my boy is a big boy already.. Sob2.. Oklah, malas dah nak emo. So, layanzzz these pics.. Let the pics tell a story k.

The decorations..

Aiman was very excited. He woke up early and offered himself for bath!! Biasanya kalo tak tengahari jangan harap nak mandi..

The cake.. Aiman's favourite movie. The Cars by Disney Pixars

Taraaa.. There is my sweetie boy.. Happy 1st birthday sayang!!

The guests.. Sian kena makan dkt luar.. Rumah kecik, nak buat cam mana..

The zorro boy


Ooh ya, tomorrow I will start the yoga class. I'm excited yet nervous.. To UniMAPians, if u're interested in yoga, belly dance or aerobic, private massage me k or email me.. llagi ramai lagi bagus, so I ada geng nak p.. Semangat skit.. Ermm, really hope my 1st class will not be the last class.. Aminnn..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Last week, I attended progress presentation of Final Year Project (FYP) for the 2 problematic students. (Actually, only 1. Another 1,supervisor dia yang hampeh..). So, to make this story short, I asked this student, "What happened to you? You used to be a good student before.." Actually his a 2nd class upper student. he was doing quite well until he entered his final year. He purposely doing nothing and escaped all the discussions with his supervisor. And, during that day, he refused to prepare any pp for presentation.. Punyalah besar kepala...

Once he heard my question,he looked back at me and say, " Saja jer, MALAS". His words really burst out my temper. I keep on asking him why, and he keep on saying that his doing nothing sebab malas.. Ya Allah, how can people help you, you don't even want to help yourself. Me, myself easily get angry with people who are not utilizing all the given oppurtunities to excel.

Why? I did mentioned to all of you that my late father passed away during my third year of study. From the sweetie pie type of person, I changed myself to be a firm yet responsible daughter to my beloved mother. FYI, during the last year of my study, I had to went back home (Seremban) from Penang every 2 weeks just to make sure my mom is happy. I need to pay bills, do grocery and etc., just because my mother used to be very very dependent to his hubby. Kelam kabutlah mana nak settle kan FYP mana nak balik jaga mak. That's why, once this spoil brat said he is lazy, tersirap darah dengar. You can be lazy because you have everything in this world where as other person had to burn midnight candle just to make sure they can be successful or to be better person!!

Monday, March 1, 2010



Finally, my new entry is posted. Yeay!! Its been quite a while I didn't manage my blog very well. Huhu, actually lots of things to share especially my weekend activities.

Last entry, I did mentioned about Bengkel Penulisan Buku at Sg. Petani. Alhamdullilah, the workshop went very well except for the sickness we had after the workshop. Almaklumlah, we are having extreme hotness in Northern, so tersakitlah kami, huhu. For the sake of sharing, here are the link of photos during the workshop;


And here are the leisure activities.. What else? Its a swimming time. Happy viewing!!

With my colleagues, their son and nephew

My volumemize sweetheart, huhu.

Adik was having fever tapi bab bab berendam ni x boleh dipisahkan.

Last two weekend, I had a leisure and relaxing weekend!! To spice up the weekend, my hubby insisted to cook Nasi Ayam that is super delecious. 2 thumb up for him!! Nasiblah ada hubby yg rajin masak, nak harapkan isteri, kempunanlah jawabnya.. Huhu.

Special recipe :)

Auxilary dishes

Last week, I attended a friend wedding reception at Timah Tasoh Resort. It happened to be very nice, elegant and gardenly reception. I went there with my mom, kids and bibik. The bride (my friend lah ni), is super duper gorgeous. Really like the make up, dress and Pelamin. Kalau lah boleh kawin lagi skali,huhu. Don't misunderstood me, marry with the same person of course!!

Love the theme, turquise & white.

The bride&grom are very charming!

Guess who took these pics? Its Aiman. Tulah sebab semua half jer..

In order to get my anak dara's figure back, I bought myself a bike!! So, last week, I've started riding with Aiman. Yeay!!

I forgot to take some pics of the bike. Here is the illustrated drawing, chewaah.. Warna gold, similar to Aiman's bike.

So, that's how I spent last three weekend.. Time flies very fast these days.. We are entrying March and EAC's visit are coming very soon. Glurrpp...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010



This week my spirit of working burst.. Siap tukar baju blog lagi.. Huhu (ni tak termasuk dlm working k).

10.2.2010, ermmm.. It is not my birthday or hubby's or neither the kids.. Today is our BigBoss birthday.

"Selamat hari Lahir Dato'. Semoga panjang umur, sihat sentiasa dan murah rezeki. Alway surrounded by the beloved people of yours."

Ini bukan ayat bodek k. I respect him very much. The way he think, react and handle all kinds of problems sangat saya kagumi. Go go Dato', UniMAP's is so lucky to have u as our leader. And I just know that ramai sebenarnya yang lahir pada hari ini juga. hihi. Below are the list:

1) My best friend's hubby. Baru kawin Puan ini.
2) Buah hati of my schoolmate.. Anak dia ok!!.
3) Daughter of my uni mate..

Ramaikan dan semuanya saya just realize pagi nih.. hihi. Dan kawan2, tomorrow I'm off to Sg. Petani. Having Bengkel Penulisan Buku there. My kid (Aiman lah ni) dah buat wishlist activities while staying there for 4 days. YEAY!!! Kira cam holiday lah gak kan. Ermm, lama tak p holiday... (actually baru 2 bulan, huhuhu).

Note: Actually, I',m in the mood of holiday. Ni yang jadi macam nih. Hihi.

Monday, February 1, 2010



I used to have this problem since zaman sekolah lagi.. Org kata sebab kurang tido.. For me, byk mana tido pun tetap ada, kalau kurang tido, it will become more obvious. Even my dermatologist said it is genetic and I think she's correct!!! (Sbb sendiri tak tau reason dia, hihi). But, I think, it had been reduced drastically compared to my study time (time nih tak da duit nk beli eye cream, wakaka)

Why am I so concern about this matter eventough I've faced it long ago...? Here is the story.
Yesterday, after class, one of final year student came to my office. He wanted to buy book. Ok, fine lah.. Yang tak tahannya tu, before he left, he said, "Puan, puan tak cukup tido ek..? Mata Puan bengkak.." Dalam hati I, "U all ni, tak cukup dgn jerawat nak complain (one time bila ada jerawat pun depa tgr jugak!!), mata bengkak pun complain jugak!! Benci k!!".. Student student, sungguh tak da kerja. Lecturer is human too dear.. Ada masa ada jerawat, ada masa tak cukup tido and ada masa menangis gak. Life is like a rollercoaster k..!!

This is the main reason lately why I had lack of sleep!! Si kecik ni suka wake up at 4.30am and ajak main. Kalo mama tak jaga, nanti he will make his move to his Abg. daripada dua2 jaga, baiklah sorang jer kan.. huhu

Ni gamba without make.. Taklah teruk sangat kan my dark circle..? Please say yes, hihi.

Note: Asal ntah emo sgt.. Wakakaka..

Sunday, January 24, 2010



Alhamdullilah, akhirnya ada gak masa terluang utk update blog yang dh berabuk ni.. Huhu, last two weeks adalah week yang sgt pack.. Actually sekarang ni pun, tapi lega skit sbb external examiner tgh kelebet fail dkt bilik fail, so tak yah temankan dia.. Sebenarnya, byk yg nak share. But for this post, I would like to introduce our house.. Hihi, rumah yang duduk sekarang ni rumah universiti, baru nak beli sendiri. Dah lama minat rumah ni and alhamdullilah, last two weeks I called and she said one more left. Tanpa berfikir panjang, kami terus confirm utk ambik. Rumah ni dah 80% siap. So, enjoy these pics k. Mana2 yang dr Perlis, rasa2nya tahu di mana letaknya umah ni.. hihi.


Dapur and partition utk letak mesin basuh

Bilik tido Utama (Tingkat 3). Selim melim lh kami selepas ini.. hihi

Toilet tingkat 2

Toilet tingkat 3

Lupa nk snap gamba keseluruhan umah. Tgk kt banner ni jelah ek.. Hihi

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Assamualaikum all,

Lama kan x update.. Mcm-mcm yang nk kna buat bila tahun baru ni.. Here are the quick updates. (Kalo ada yg tunggu lah kn.. hihi). As I wrote in the last entry, we were having a short break in Penang. Very short k, 2 days and 1 night. Bagus gak cuti kejab2 ni, langkah penjimatan sebelum wallet menjadi sgt kempis walaupun mmg kempis tiap-tiap bulan.. hihi

Here are some pics which was dh basi kn sebab dh upload pn dlm fb. So, layan those pics, k.

Abg eating twisties..

Xmas eve @ Northam Hotel.

Abg posed with his superman's suit. I bought it from bazaar.

Sambil tunggu mak shopping. Ooo, I really need to sit up 100 times a day.. Don't u think..?

My hubby decided to convert one of the space in my house as the boys' playard. So, here is the result. We are planning to repaint the wall. InsyaAllah, by this week.. hihi

Ok, sempena tahun aru ni, I would like to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS.. Dh basi ek..? hihi. What are ur resolutions..? For myself, here they are;

1) Dapat cuti belajar end of this year
2) Want to produce three books and 2 journals that listed in ISI or Scopus (Sungguh tinggi cita-citaku, hihih)
3) Want to do the best for accredatation.. Harap2 the programme of Environmental Engineering will be accredated. Amin. (Kalo dapat , mmg hadiah paling best b4 study leave)
4) Nk kurus kn badan, eh silap.. Nk kuruskan bahagian2 tertentu.. hihi
5) Nk jadi momma yang terbaik utk Abg n Adik.
6) Nk serve and entertain hubby lbh baik dr tahun lepas.
7) Nk simpan duit .. (tiap2 tahun resolution ni tak berjaya.. I include skali lagi.. hihi)

Cukuplah, banyak sgt nnti tak leh achieve lak.. Ok then, share with me what the resolutions of yours.. mana tau boleh include dlm my list gak ker.. Hihi.