Sunday, July 25, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

I am really happy today that finally my baby boy (opss baby ke??), finally went to school for the first time..!! Yeay!! For those who knew about sending Aiman to school's issue must said "At last, the dilemma off".. Huhu, actually its not a very easy decision to made (itu sebab papa dia yang hantar sekolah, kalo tidak smpi sudah Aiman tak p sekolah) but my hubby is very determine to send him to school (walaupun pagi tadi his determination went 50-50, huhu).. But whats matter is that he went to school...

On the afternoon, I fetched him and asked him about the school. Here are some of his responses.

Mama: Aiman, best dak sekolah?(Please read this with excited tone..)
Aiman: Best!
Mama: Aiman ramai kawan tak?
Aiman: Ramai.
Mama: Seronok tak ramai kawan?
Aiman: Seronok, tapi lepas tu Aiman berebut dengan kawan. Itu peti ais Aiman. (He's talking about his playdoh refrigerator. He brought along his toys to the school.)
Mama: (trying to change the subject).. Teacher bagi Aiman makan tak?
Aiman: Aiman tak suka meehoon.
Mama: Aiman belajar apa?
Aiman: Aiman belajar frog.
Mama: Lagi?
Aiman: Alah itu semualah... (Jawapan malas nk layan!!)

Ok, its was obvious that me is more excited than Aiman.. So, all, here are few pics of him at school. From my hubby's bb.

"What am I going to do now? Wow, they all are so small!!".Maybe thats what his thinking.

Pose to his dad..

Opening his toy's plastic..All his friends start aiming. Huhu.