Monday, September 27, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

I guessed it is not too late to share my 'raya' stories since today we're still in Syawal month. Same as previous years, we celebrated our 1st Syawal in Kemaman, my hubby's hometown. We reached there on 27 Ramadan and stayed there until 3rd Syawal.. Lama kan?? Hope this long period can sweeten and tighten the relationship of my kids with their Tok Ma, uncles, aunties and cousins. Almaklumlah, jarang balik kampung!!

We had such a good time there with lots of activities. Here are some;

i) Me and hubby started fasting on 2nd Syawal.. Early right? Actually, we are too full with the non stop eating acivities on the 1st Syawal.. huhu. We manage to cook popia for the crowd.. Good one!!

ii)We had barbeque session on 2nd Syawal. Happening tak hengat. The best part was the fire crackers. Ammar yang penakut pun sudah berani.. Hurmm, impressive!!

iii) We went to Kuala Terengganu on 3rd Syawal for 'rombongan meminang'. Alhamdulilah, the reception was simple but nice and of course the bride-to-be is stunning.. Tak caya tgk gamba k..

iv) On 4th Syawal, we went to Bukit Gambang waterpark.. This time with my nieces and sister. Memang ramai org but I prefer this place rather than Tambun Waterpark.. Orang yang paling happy was Aiman.. We did promise him to visit any theme park during this raya break.. Alhamdullilah, we manage to fulfill our promise..

We went back to Perlis on 6 Syawal (Wednesday) but I'm on leave until 9 Syawal (Sunday). To wrap our raya celebration, on Saturday night, we organized a barbeque party especially for our close friends.

Here are some pics that all of you might have seen them in FB.. Apa2 pun, layan jer k..

With my MIL.. Green theme uols..

Family portrait


Engagement ceremony.. Cantikkan the bride-to-be..?

@Bukit Gambang Waterpark.. Aiman with his cousins..

P/S: InsyaAllah by this week, I'll receive the key of my new house.. Couldn't wait.. I'll blog about it later k...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Salam all,

It had been almost a month since the last update. Life had been occupied with works and kids. This ramadan had been a very special ramadan for me.. Why? Lets share some here;


1. My maid ran away...Sob2.. But I had the passport and her salary with me.. Sedikit kelam kabut especially when need to deal with immigration. Luckily the officer was very good. So, everything went well, alhamdullilah..

2. Its study leave matter again.. Ya Allah, kenapalah susah sangat hambamu ni nak sambung belajar..? I'm not doing the wrong thing right? Its a boss-worker conflict... Its matter of trustworthy, my ambition, pithiness and responsibility.. arrggghh, jiwa kacau sungguh kamu Azian...

3. To add the sour of this Ramadan, my laptop malfunction a day before I went back for hari raya... Huhu, langsung tak boleh hidup.. Ishk, iskh, iskh ... Sabar je lak ye...


1. Hijrah - this Ramadan was a HIJRAH to me.. InsyaAllah, hijrah towards being a better muslimah, InsyaAllah.

2. Life had never been this peaceful. This Ramadan I am very blessed.. Thank you Allah.

3. The best gift ever in this Ramadan was the my programme; Environmental Engineering Programme (I claimed it as my programme since I'm the programme Chairmen, boleh?) had been accredited for 2 years. ALHAMDULLILAH...

Actually, I had more that I couldn't remember.. huhu.. The raya experience will be shared later.. Kurang semangat skit nak cerita pasala raya sebab I lost my camera battery.. so maksudnya tak da gamba from the camera.. What a shame.. I need to get a new one..