Friday, November 20, 2009



Now, I'm at Northam Hotel suite, Penang; marking the exam paper.. Rasa bosan, so apa lagi.. blogging lah.. This entry is specially dedicated to my best buddy; AMALIA ABU BAKAR. Terharu tak..?Hihi.

Last week, I went back to Seremban for a very special occasion to attend.. Hihi, it was my best friend's wedding. I reached my hometown on Friday and during that time is the akad time.. I really want to see the moment when my best buddy changed her status tapi memikirkan dengan jeans yang sendat tak kan nak masuk majlis macam tu kan.. So, I waited untill that holy ceremoy finished.. Only at night, I went there.

Esoknya, is the kenduri. I went there quite late.... Hujan all the day. Hujan rahmat tuh.. According to Amalia's mother, the rainy day is caused by us.. Sebab dari kejauhan yang amat sangat (Perlis), sanggup balik ke Seremban to attend her daughter's wedding. Hihi, ye lah agaknya. So, that day I met my freinds (ex-SHAMSIANS).. Seronok oo, bukan selalu dapat jumpa.

Overall, I can say that the wedding was perfect.. With the cak lempong instruments, the wedding transformed to very traditional yet exclusive.. To my best friend Amalia;

Selamat Pengantin Baru, semoga kekal ke akhir hayat.. sabar banyak2 and selamat bertolak ansur.. Once, you're married, you're not always right anymore.. dan satu lagi, Aiman and Ammar nak kawan lh.. Cepat2 dapat baby k.. hihihi.

Tak nampak lah pulak muka pengantin, tapi nampak pelamin kan.. Kira ok lah tu :)

Upacara potong kek.

Finally, I love you very much.. may our friendship last forever.. Mmmuaaassss
Ni apa citer lak ni..? Hihihi, dalam orang sibuk-sibuk kemas budak berdua ni sempat lagi enter the frame.

Serius sungguh pengantin lelaki..Hihih
Nota: Rasa sedih lak tetiba.. rasa macam hilang tempat mengadu lepas ni.. Selalunya, bila ada problem I will called her anytime tapi sekarang kena berpada-pada especially weekend.. hihi.. but dont misjudge, I really really happy for her.. Cuma ter sensitip skit jer.. I think, she must had this feeling during my wedding 4 years ago..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009



I'm in the middle of JPA meeting and felt very boring.. So I made a list.. A list of what..? A list of my life before and after my new post as Program Chairman of Environmental Engineering;

1. I can had my breakfast calmly without rushing back to office.
2. I always went late to office.
3. I rarely attend meeting, so I had enough time to do all my works including gossiping.
4. I love everything about my office, work and everything.

1. Breakfast must be done quick and light so my weight had lost another 1 kg.. good ha..?, no need to diet.
2. I HAD to come early to office, kalo tak attendance merah. Dah lh my 2nd son wake up on 5.00 a.m. and my 1st son slept at 12.00 a.m., so how many hours of sleep I got..?
3. My life is full with meeting.. byg kn pagi dan ptg meeting.. so, a week I had to attend 5 meetings that mean 1 meeting per day.. so bila masa nk buat kije..? HELP!!!
4. I hate to work in my new office.. bkn sbb x lawa, tp I love my small room that I had all my privacy there.. Sob, sob.. Can the Program chairman used their own room..? hihihi
5. I learnt to be very patient once 1 meeting is taking up to 4-5 hours.. Boleh kah manusia berfikir dengan kerap dalam jangka masa yang begitu lama..?

My new office.. Besar tapi I missed my old room. :(
In conclusion, I missed my plain life before.. WAAAA... Abg, tolong...!!!! Really stressed right now.. :(

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Make this entry short. Let's the pics tell the story.. Hihi, to Abg, if you happened to open my blog, this is for you.. Latest pics of the kids... My best boyfriendS ever.. Enjoy..

Latest pic of adik.. Tembam sungguh.. Kuat makan.. hihi

Notice the mosquito bite.. debush2 dkt bibik sbb tak spray dulu swing before letak Ammar

Abg yang perasan kecik.. Nasib walker adik thn utk abg yang berat 20 kg ++.. Hihi

Tidak lupa juga kekasih hati...

We miss you badly...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Assalamualaikum semua,

Starting from today, my hubby will be out station for TWO WEEKS. He doing his research in Asian country including; Vietnam,Thailand and Philippines (ada ke..?). Sob Sob.., sedih tau kena jadi single parent for this two weeks.. Hope semuanya ok. He left at 7.20 this morning.. penat control air mata (sebenarnya malu kalo mak nampak.. hihih) tapi air mataku tumpah juga bila melihat ada surprise menanti di dalam kereta.. A card.. Bukanlah tak pernah dapat card, tapi the words inside the card make me cry.. I would like to share them with you all...

Simple card but meaningful thoughts :P

My dear lovely wife,

'No one else can
really know
how you're feeling
at the moment,
but sometimes
knowing others care
and are thinking of you
may be a source of strength
and comfort.'

'Wishing you better
days ahaead, and
hoping it helps you
to know that you're
always close in thought.'

In the card, he did attach a book mark that is also very meaningful that make me melt.. Hihihi..;


I want you to know
that wherever I go,
I always think of you.
I want you to know
that you're on my mind
and you're in my heart,
I want to say
that I like the way
you are every day...
but mostly
I want to say
I love you.
To abg, I hope you will had a pleasant journey and take care of yourself there..
To me, hope that everyting will be ok.. 'Ya Allah permudahkanlah urusan hambamu ini...Amin'.
Jangan asyik layan blues, p buat kerja sebab SAR Report nk kna hantar by this week.. Hihihi
Sedih :(