Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Recently, I love to make fun of Aiman. Bukannya apa, his curiousity tu terlampau-lampau sekarang ni. So, once he was so naughty, I always said to him that I'll do magic so that he will pay attention to me.. So, for now, I had two situation where my big boy will amazed of my magic show.. Huhu, kira-kira macam magician lah ni :).

Situation 1:

Aiman loves to watch Disney Channel. One day, once we select the chanel, it appeared: "Siaran anda sedang dikemaskini. Sila letakkan decoder anda dalam mode stand by bagi membolehkan ianya dikemaskini". Lebih kurang macam ni lah tulisan yang appear on tv. So, Aiman requested to watch his favourite cartoon, Mr. Bean. So, what I did, I off the decoder and off the tv while I perform my Isya' prayer. I said to him; "Aiman tunggu tau.. Mama tgh buat magic. Sat lagi lps mama sembahyang, mesti boleh tengok Disney Chanel". He waited eagerly and keep asking his Wan, is it the right time to open the the tv. After performing my prayer, I on the decoder and tv and tadaa, the chanel is back. Aiman was very happy and said, "Macam mana mama buat magic.. Mama pandai lah".. Eventough, it is the praise from my little boy, I felt really happy that he appreciated what I did.. (Kalaulah dia dah besar dan tahu yang mama dia hanya ikut arahan on the tv screen, mesti dia kata mama telah mempermainkan dia.. Wakakaka)

Situation 2:

Aiman love to eat egg especially fried egg. The problem is he refuses to eat the yellow egg. One day, he requested to eat fried egg with rice. He orderred "Mama, Aiman nak telur dengan nasi. Tak mo telur kuning tau". So, what I did, I fried the egg thinly (make the egg spread in the frying pan), and let the yellow one half fried (telur kuning tu still cair). Once I fed him, I put the halfly fried yellow egg into his rice and top up with white egg. He didn't notice the difference in the taste. In the end, he ate all part of the egg. I said to him, "Ermm, magickan..? Telur kuning dah hilang.. " Aiman said, "Mama buat magic ek...? Mama pandailah buat magic.. Macammana mama buat..?" Huhu, Aiman Aiman.. Mmg kelakar ok!!

Monday, March 29, 2010



Dear all, I'm back... Alhamdullilah, after 3 weeks that were very intensed, I finally got my own sweet space again.

Yesterday was my little boy 1st birthday.. Happy birthday, sayang.. I can still remember the day I was induced, and now, my boy is a big boy already.. Sob2.. Oklah, malas dah nak emo. So, layanzzz these pics.. Let the pics tell a story k.

The decorations..

Aiman was very excited. He woke up early and offered himself for bath!! Biasanya kalo tak tengahari jangan harap nak mandi..

The cake.. Aiman's favourite movie. The Cars by Disney Pixars

Taraaa.. There is my sweetie boy.. Happy 1st birthday sayang!!

The guests.. Sian kena makan dkt luar.. Rumah kecik, nak buat cam mana..

The zorro boy


Ooh ya, tomorrow I will start the yoga class. I'm excited yet nervous.. To UniMAPians, if u're interested in yoga, belly dance or aerobic, private massage me k or email me.. llagi ramai lagi bagus, so I ada geng nak p.. Semangat skit.. Ermm, really hope my 1st class will not be the last class.. Aminnn..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Last week, I attended progress presentation of Final Year Project (FYP) for the 2 problematic students. (Actually, only 1. Another 1,supervisor dia yang hampeh..). So, to make this story short, I asked this student, "What happened to you? You used to be a good student before.." Actually his a 2nd class upper student. he was doing quite well until he entered his final year. He purposely doing nothing and escaped all the discussions with his supervisor. And, during that day, he refused to prepare any pp for presentation.. Punyalah besar kepala...

Once he heard my question,he looked back at me and say, " Saja jer, MALAS". His words really burst out my temper. I keep on asking him why, and he keep on saying that his doing nothing sebab malas.. Ya Allah, how can people help you, you don't even want to help yourself. Me, myself easily get angry with people who are not utilizing all the given oppurtunities to excel.

Why? I did mentioned to all of you that my late father passed away during my third year of study. From the sweetie pie type of person, I changed myself to be a firm yet responsible daughter to my beloved mother. FYI, during the last year of my study, I had to went back home (Seremban) from Penang every 2 weeks just to make sure my mom is happy. I need to pay bills, do grocery and etc., just because my mother used to be very very dependent to his hubby. Kelam kabutlah mana nak settle kan FYP mana nak balik jaga mak. That's why, once this spoil brat said he is lazy, tersirap darah dengar. You can be lazy because you have everything in this world where as other person had to burn midnight candle just to make sure they can be successful or to be better person!!

Monday, March 1, 2010



Finally, my new entry is posted. Yeay!! Its been quite a while I didn't manage my blog very well. Huhu, actually lots of things to share especially my weekend activities.

Last entry, I did mentioned about Bengkel Penulisan Buku at Sg. Petani. Alhamdullilah, the workshop went very well except for the sickness we had after the workshop. Almaklumlah, we are having extreme hotness in Northern, so tersakitlah kami, huhu. For the sake of sharing, here are the link of photos during the workshop;!/album.php?aid=40219&id=1659593152

And here are the leisure activities.. What else? Its a swimming time. Happy viewing!!

With my colleagues, their son and nephew

My volumemize sweetheart, huhu.

Adik was having fever tapi bab bab berendam ni x boleh dipisahkan.

Last two weekend, I had a leisure and relaxing weekend!! To spice up the weekend, my hubby insisted to cook Nasi Ayam that is super delecious. 2 thumb up for him!! Nasiblah ada hubby yg rajin masak, nak harapkan isteri, kempunanlah jawabnya.. Huhu.

Special recipe :)

Auxilary dishes

Last week, I attended a friend wedding reception at Timah Tasoh Resort. It happened to be very nice, elegant and gardenly reception. I went there with my mom, kids and bibik. The bride (my friend lah ni), is super duper gorgeous. Really like the make up, dress and Pelamin. Kalau lah boleh kawin lagi skali,huhu. Don't misunderstood me, marry with the same person of course!!

Love the theme, turquise & white.

The bride&grom are very charming!

Guess who took these pics? Its Aiman. Tulah sebab semua half jer..

In order to get my anak dara's figure back, I bought myself a bike!! So, last week, I've started riding with Aiman. Yeay!!

I forgot to take some pics of the bike. Here is the illustrated drawing, chewaah.. Warna gold, similar to Aiman's bike.

So, that's how I spent last three weekend.. Time flies very fast these days.. We are entrying March and EAC's visit are coming very soon. Glurrpp...