Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy Weekend


Last weekend was very tiring for me..Apa taknya, padat btul aktiviti yang dah diatur oleh my kids and universiti.. On Saturday, I promised my mom and Aiman that I want to bring them to Giant and Tesco, Alor Setar. So, pagi-pagi lagi dah bangun and prepared my two kids..

Abang and Adik..

I said, pagi-pagi dah bangun but we went out for Giant at 12.00 pm.. Awal tak..? Huhuhu.. When we reached there its almost 2 p.m. I promised Abang that I want to buy him his study table.. So, bila sampai Giant, abg pun excited cari study table dia.. tapi itu sebelum dia nampak mainan Transformer, CARS and Hot Wheel.. Once he saw all these toys, he said, " Mama, tak payah bli meja.. Aiman nak... P ormers and Cars".. Pulak dah.. But I still determined to buy him the table, so I took the table and the transformers, of course..

And, I planned to buy play mat for adik, memandangkan mama dah lari budget gara-gara abg, so for adik mama belikan mainan yang lebih murah, huhuhu... Kesian adik, tak pa, next month mama beli play mat k..

So after about 3 hours of shopping, inilah hasilnya....

Half the things we bought.. another half still inside the trolley.

My mom planned to go to Tesco to buy wet stuff (td p bli groceries) but after shopping for about 4 hours there, both of us felt very tired.. Penat mengawal dan menjaga kedua-dua hero.. So we decided to postpone the wet stuff to next week..

Meja Abang

Musical thingy for adik..

On Sunday, I had to attend Majlis Sambutan Siswa Siswi baru UniMAP Sidang 2009/2010.. So, I incharge bahagian ramah mesra student di booth Pendaftaran.. Not much to share, it just part of my work.. Meeting new students and facilitate and answering them if they had enquiries. These are some pics of me and my collegues there.

New students and staffs

Registration counter for School of Environmental Engineering.. Credit to our dean since he volunteered himself for registration work

Me and Aiman..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



As the title.. InsyaAllah, I hope I can make it to further my study at the end of this year. So, I printed all the forms (thank you to Mr. Ragu for his kindness, emailing me all his forms). Since long ago, I've decided to further my study at USM making me pure product of USM (apa taknya degree, MSc and now PhD from USM)..Huhuhu..tak pelah, as long as i'll pursue my PhD..

My hubby decided to do his PhD via part time so I give him my full support.. Why don't I become parttimer ? I think I cannot commit with too much thing in one time..and the most important thing, I don't want to sacrifice my time with my family during weekend to finish up my study.. so the best thing I applied study leave..

But still many things overwhelmed in my mind..Is it I can suit myself studying after almost 3 years working..?(Syok oo keje, mmg sometimes tension but studying is more tense I think..). Can I work from home..?(Takut nnti, jaga anak lebih dr doing research..huhu).. Can I manage my time very well so that I can complete my PhD in 2 and 1/2 years time..?

So, for now, I've taken IELTS test (needed in order to get allowance from KPT) and writing my reasearch proposal; tinggal nak isi borang and sent to USM's Registrar. I hope everything will run smoothly as me and hubby planned for our family..[Ya Allah, Engkau permudahkanlah urusan hambamu ini.]

All the forms..Banyak bangat nih..

Details of candidature

Looking at all the forms..

Saturday, June 20, 2009



As the story published by my hubby, this weekend was another fantastic time we had together. We decided to celebrate father’s day at Secret Recipe nearby (itu pun dekat Jitra).. Why Secret recipe? It was me yang merengek2 nak makan Noodle in Tom Yum Soup.. my favorites meal ever..Huhuhu.. My hubby tak kisah jer…

All of us except for my mum jer yang tak join that tour of Jalan Jalan Cari Makan. On the way there, abang siap tido2 lagi and adik as usual, zzzz all the way there.

Dua-dua tengah semangat nak memulakan trip JJCM

Tak berapa lama kemudian, dua-dua zzzz..peacefully

Tinggal mama dia posing sorang-sorang

As we reached there, we dropped by at one of my favorite boutique, GIRLFRIEND.. The cloth there were superb.. Some are they just like British India or Nicole MNJ. Aiman loves to play with the owner of this boutique, Ayang. So, belek punya belek, I grabbed a skirt and blouse.. the best part, it is my hubby treat.. Huhuh, thanks abg..

Ayang (the owner)..very warm person. Pretty right?

Things I bought

Then, we had our lunch at Secret Recipe.. just like we planned..Just the three of us at SR, adik is babysit at GIRLFRIEND.. huhhu.. Thanks to them for their hospitality..

Ayang's mum ..yang tolong babysit Ammar

At this space, I would like to grabbed this oppurtunity to wish HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all great fathers in the world especially my hubby for being a good father to our kids and not forgotten to my beloved father, arwah bapak.. I will never forget how happy we were spending our time together everytime school holiday or even at my college time. I will never forget his favorite nickname he called me, 'Buntat'.. I will never forget how he calmly listened to all my problems and I will never forget how he passed away on my arm.. Bapak, adik rindu sangat dengan bapak..[Ya Allah, Engkau tempatkanlah roh ayah ku bersama-sama orang-orang yang beriman, Amin...]

Cukup sampai di situ sad story...Ok, lets talk about something that can make me and all of you smile. This is about my little guy, Ammar. He is very impatient when it comes to feeding time (especially after he woke up from his long sleep).. look what he done inside his swing..

Hujung Minggu Di JITRA....

Today 20 & My Family (Azian, Abang & Adik) went to Jitra to celebrate Father's Day at SECRET RECIPE but...before reach there, singah dulu Girl Friends Boutique (aiman kata kedai Kakak Cantik...), kakak cantik belikan abang set mainan just like Bob The Builder...Mama beli baju and skirt panjang....Then, we had our lunch at secret recipe. Papa oder Nasi Goreng Thai and mama oder Tom Yam Kung...abg makan Ben 10 Cake..(Yang pasti mama yang bayar) tue..jimat duit papa....after that we go home. On the way balik, abg mintak stop by mana2 stesen PETRONAS untuk beli Robot Transfomers...stop kat Changlun (stock habis), singah Arau (also stock habis)...Finally, stesen PETRONAS kat Kangar...Adalah robot DIA..Happy dia dapat robot tue..Otw back..abang sempat lagi do some colouring ...huh...tak pening ke abang?..Adik cam biasa..Otw balik tu Tido jer......From PAPA

Friday, June 19, 2009

Abang Love Swimming....

Last weekend, me, my wife and both our two kids went to Putra Palace cause my elder son love swimming pool very, i have some story to share. After came back from Terengganu, maklumlah dah jadi Ketua Kontigen.around 10 day leaving my family. So, when i came back home kenalah spend my time with pergilah kami berempat ke Swimming Pool kat Putra kena bayar RM 10 for two person.,.mama just jaga adik beside i tgk kan abang swimming...u know abang cukup brani buat aksi GANAS...u can see the picture..3 years old dah pandai wat aksi terbang...dah lah papa dia tak pandai swimming...kid's pool pun papa dia boleh lemas tau...hehe, so around one our there..its make abg puas..mama oder drink Honeydew (2 glass - me & her) and 1 ice te for abg. Adik minum susu mama dia, till today abg duk SELSEMA..haha, just nak bgtau mama, moral of the story tak leh bawak abg selalu ke pool nanti dia selsema...jangkit kat adik susah nanti...hahah..will see next time..adios (Azian's Hubby)



I dont know why lately my temper is always on peak..especially dealing with people that say they are great at something (or many things) tp sebenarnya...habuk pun tak dak.. Just like my case.. this person wanted to do something or in more precise word; got an idea, so this person conducted series of meeting to make sure the idea can be realized.. but what happened, last minute...this person said.. "Azian, u do this and I want it in 2 weeks time".. Begongkan..? Macam ni punya org pn ada ka..?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Update


Last weekend was superb. Everything was going very fantasticly. My hubby just went back from Terengganu after 13 days. He was appointed as Ketua Kontigen UniMAP for Sukan Staf IPTA.. As n 'ole ole', he bought me batik sutera from Noor Arfa Batik. Isn't they beautiful? Thank you hubby..mmuaah

Hadiah dr Ganu.. (Harap lh akak tailor tu nk ambik lg bj I)

Sebagai pengubat rindu Aiman kepada papanya, we took him to the swimming pool near by so that they can spend quality time together.. Aiman yang dh lama mengidam nak mandi pool, tak melepaskan peluang melempiaskan giannya.. Me and Ammar just watching them playing together happily. "Bestnya depa mandi kan Ammar. Nnti Ammar besar skit kita mandi jugak ye.."Asal senyap je ni..Lor tido rupanya, so mama dia jelah jadi penonton setia.. here are some pics of them having fun together.. Seronok kn..?

Besides that, just wanted to share how creative my elder son, Aiman is.. He got a highlighter from his papa and look what he had done..Aiman2, mmg bertuah btul budak ni..

Ada ke patut, kepala adik dia pun dia highlight?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Oh My Gosh"...


Last weekend, me, my two kids, my mom and a good friend of mine attended a wedding ceremony at Penanti, Penang.. so we took a chance to go shopping at Gurney Plaza, one of my favourite place..Hehehe..

Our journey was not that smooth because of heavy traffic at the bridge..when we reach there it almost 5 p.m. That's mean we don't have much time to shop..Huhuh.. The main reason that bring me here was that I wanted to buy my 2 way cake and of course birthday presents for my little man.. (the elder one).. He is 3 years old now.. The time is spinning very fast, I can still remember very clearly the time I delivered him 3 years ago..Now, he can already ask for his drink all by himself..huhuhu..the little man that always made me proud..

So, I brought him to Toy 'R' Us for him to choose whatever he wants. Aiman is very addicted to clearly I expected him to buy them.. He loves Cars movie from Walt, he was very lucky that day because they just launched the Car's toy sets.. The best part was that, when he saw lots of cars he screamed "Oh my Gosh...". He never says that phrase before.. I was shocked at the same time laughed at him.. Never thought he was very clever to use that phrase at a very right situation... That's my Aiman..a very quick learner.. so I grabbed a few pics of his birthday gift..(it cost me almost 200 buck for all this stuff..huhuh)

Boleh bukak rupanya truck ni...

Bak kata Aiman, "Tempat cuci car"...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



GLOCALMOMMA...? Emm, why this name had captured my heart..There are some hidden reason why i've chosen this name..

GLOCAL is taken from one of UniMAP's yearly program that is Jurutera Glokal. First time dengar, what 'glokal' they are talking about..? Once I read about it, now I know.. GLOCAL come from combination of Global (worldwide) and Local.. so its become GLOCAL.. Why is it GLOCAL so special...? It is because I wish I can go worldwide(especialy in my work..I hope my research will get there) and in the same time if I had all the success and fame (InsyaAllah, one time it will come) I will not forget my roots.. That's why I love the word GLOCAL very much..It guided me to look down once you enjoyed everything around you. [Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Berkuasa atas segala sesuatu].

MOMMA represent me as a mother to my kids.. I really hope that I will make them proud in all aspects.. I also hope that I can be the best momma that always there for them to pamper, love and share all their problems.. and I hope that i can be the best wife for my beloved husband..eventough he cannot always be on my side..but deep in his heart I know he loves me very, in conclusion I want to be supermomma..boleh..? that can do everything they've asked for..huhuh.. kalaulah boleh..[Ya allah, Engkau berkatilah hidup ku dan tunjukkanlah aku jalan yang Engkau redhai..amin]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Maybe its quite backdated but I still wanted to share with all of you the experience of giving birth to my second child; Ammar Syahmi. A newborn that enriched the cherish and joy of our life. He was born at Pusat Rawatan Mahsuri on1.50 a.m. (28 Mac) The interesting experience for this time labouring was that i've been induced not because of health problem but I wanted to give birth earlier..boleh tak? huhuh.. another major reason was that my hubby will fly to Geneva on the expected date.. so what to do..? terpaksalah induced or I have to faced it all alone..

I reached the hospital on 3.00 p.m. that friday dengan pelbagai perasaan.. Dr Anuar (the specialist there) induced me on 4.00 p.m. After, 5 hrs, the doc came and checked me and said that i'm 2 cm diluted. He induced me for the second time.. and said " Pkl 1 pagi nnti boleh turun labor room" Biaq btoi DR nih.. That fast.. i don't even feel the real pain..

Diringkaskan citer, tepat jam 1 pg.. I dibawa turun ke labor room..Dipecahkan air ketuban.. and a moment after that bermulalah perang yang sebenar.. huhuhu...sakit yang teramat.. after 50 minutes of very bad pain, lahirlah putera kedua ku yang diberi nama.. Ammar Syahmi.. So we took some pics of him at the hospital.. Slamat nonton..

First timer

Alhamdullilah, after some time of dreaming on my own blog, I finally created one. Of course, it is still raw and fresh but I will try to make it as fascinating and representable as I can.. I cannot write too much since this is almost 5.30 p.m. (time for me to grab my things and go home). Anyway, this is just a welcoming note. Bye, bye!!