Monday, June 28, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

Its quite sometimes since the last update. Actually, my life now is not as busy as 4 months back. But somehow, the intention to update is very low. This is sooo verryyy noot good. So, now I make an update on myself and the kids in numbering/bulleting format (Ini namanya kerja orang malas, huhu):


1. I am sooo into reading right now.. Huhu, before you are amaze, I am not reading very knowledgeable thingie, I am soo in to Sophie Kinsella right now. I've read all series of shopaholic in 2 months times. Oklah tu, considering I'm a working mother with 2 kids, kan?

2. I'm in the process of applying my PhD. Yes, finally I got the green light from my boss. Actually, for this issue it quite a long story. Next time, I'll share (tu pun kalo ingat..)

3. I love my weekend very much. Ive got back my privilege that I've lost two months back. yeay!!

4. I have to teach the subject that I hated the most for next semester i.e. process control. Why on earth there is no one knows the subject? If there is one, the lecturer is occupied with other subject.. Haaissh..

5. According to my boss, I can retire from being a programme chairman on August. Ohh, I couldn't wait!!

6. Nowadays, I always forgot to bring my camera (thats why most of the time the post is pictureless). To be exact, I forgot where I placed the charger.

7. I always had this 'short-term-memory-loss'. It getting worse day to day. Sometimes, I forgot what I wanted to say in the middle of conversation. Teruk kan..? I must really do something about this..

8. Oh, I loveee online shopping.. Not that before I dont shop online, but my addiction become worse nowadays. Ooopss, I think I've revealed my secret to the hubby. Huhu, he always asked me where my money goes . And I always said its for household.. So, after this I need to find a new reason.. Huhu.

9. I really missed my best buddy Amalia. I really wanted to see how she looked when she's pregnant. She must be glowing!! I really hope I can see u soon. Dearie, if you read this, I want you to know I REALLY MISS YOU. I've a lot of things to share. I did share with other people but I don't get any response the way I expected them to be. Owh, I miss you so much. More than I can describe!


1. He is soo cheeky now.

2. I love everything he said. Like, once I nagged to him, he will say, "Mama ni, pok pek pok pek" or he is always be papa's colony but at the same time, he try to get my attention. He will say to me, "Papa ni kan asyik meeting je kan" once his papa not with him (although his papa can still hear him, huhu).

3. He loves his adik very much.. I hope this will forever.

4. He is so ready to go to school. I think I wanna give him a try this month.

5. He loves to argue with bibik and his wan. Pening dah mama nak jd referee.. huhu

6. Everyday, me or hubby need to brought him for a ride with little present (mainan lah ni). Everyday ok!! Miskin mama, huhu.


1. The thing that I love the most is when I came back from work, he will screamed happily. Tiga buah rumah kot dengar.

2. He can speak a few word, like 'mum mum', 'mama', 'papa' and 'car'. Huhu, but he understand everything you said. For example, I asked him to take his shoe. He will run to take his shoe.. Cuteness.

3. Ammar is quite different from Aiman. He is a lot more sensitive compared to Aiman. He love to sit on my lappy and being hugged whereas Aiman didn't really like to be hug at all. Sekarang jelah dah pandai sikit manja2. Tu pun after seing his Adik kissing me and manja2 dgn Mama. Huhu. Ammar sangat kuat merajuk whereas Aiman jenis tak kisah pun. Kalo suara kuat sikit marah Aiman mesti dia cakap, "Uissh, terkejut.. Mama ckp kuat sgt buat apa?"

For time being, that's all I could remember. This is the bad thing of postponing your entry. You forgot many things in between, huhu..

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

Aiman is now a big boy and he is very ready to go to school (tp mama dia yg x sempat hantar lagi..). Everyday, kije dia sekarang gaduh ngan bibik n wan dia. Last two weeks, he went to visit his Tok Ma and here is a post dedicated for him from his aunt. XOXO Cik Mala.