Saturday, May 29, 2010


Assalamualaikum all,

Sorry for not updating anything for this few months. Life had never been this buzy.. huhu. While I'm 'away' from this blogging world, I'm preparing documents for EAC evaluation that happened to be last week..

How's the EAC's evaluation going? That a good question friend.. What I can say was that, it was not going very well.. What a frustration... After all this hard works, the result is not as I expected. None, ok!! I even end up crying in the meeting room. Very humialiating!! But, what to do? I cant stop the tears from falling down..huhu..

Some of them said that, very childish or even accusing me using women's weapon (tears) to tackle the panels.. For God sake, I never intended to do so. Those people who were not in the room, you can say anything you like since u were not there facing the most arrogant and snobbish people.

But dearest all, I did learn lots of thing actually from their visit. Yes, maybe I'm too young to be a "Program Chairman" that had to defend all the single things about the program. I had experience facing these arrogant people that I've never meet before. I learnt how to communicate with people who never can tell the answer but only had complains. I learnt how to adapt in the real world!!

But people, don't you think they owed me some respects???Sigh.

P/S: I still had my tears while typing this entry and after a week of break. Whats that mean??
Next week, I will facing another audit from SIRIM for ISO. This 1st evalaution gave quite traumatic experience, make me feel very nervous for the 2nd one.