Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy birthday Mak!!!!

Assalamualaikum all,

Sorry for not updating for about 3 weeks since the last entry.. huhu, lots to share with so little time.. this month of June is a travelling month for me. I went to phuket and penang (ya its only two, you called it travelling month ;P) but I've to travelled 3 times to penang this month.. what a broke month..

Opps, I'm diverting from the title.. ya, yesterday was my beloved moms birthday.. happy birthday mak!!!! Hope u'll stay healthy and happy as always.. so, for her birthday, I bought her this...


I've never bought her expensive stuff.. huhu, I'm financially not stable.. after only 5 years of working, owh what a bad daughter I am.. huhu..

To mak, I know you're happy eventough you keep saying me waisting my money... I want you to know that, I really love you more than u know.. you are always being my backbone for everything I done.. I need to report to you every single thing (yes, after I'm settling rambling to my husband) bothering me or else I'm misreable.. I don't know what will happened to me once its the time Allah take you from me ... I love you!!!

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