Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Angry Bird

Assalamualaikum all,

It has been a while since the last post. Ya, Tun M had visited UniMAP almost 2 months ago (OMG, I've been neglecting my blog for that long). Short visit but many activities to cover. I'm sure he was very tired, not including autograping his books. Believe me, knowing Tun' s in da house, many of UniMAPians bought the book. Ok, enough update about Tun.

I would like to share the craziness people had about this 'angry bird' game. It's not only PEOPLES, including my beloved husband and Aiman. They can sit and play for hours. My husband, tok sah ckp lah.. mmg dh lebih dr anak pun. To be frank, I'm quite worried about this. Yalah, this is the first time they become addicted teribbly to game. Pantang lepa je phone I, tgk2 mesti tgh main angry bird. Besides, I'm started to feel awkward once our quality time had to be change for game activity.. haisshh, look what technology had done to us. Ok, before I stop, do you think that I should uninstall the game??

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  1. Yeah!! it's kind of crazy addiction kan? Tapi i believe game ni ikut season dia. Cuma xtaula bila it will end.

  2. Nuuril, kannn?? Stress jadinya. Lagi stress bila kejab2 kena charge phone.. huhu.. Tulah, nk uninstall, mcm kesian. Kalo ada dlm phone dok geram, huhu. Hopefully, this will end soon.

  3. Yan, install jelah.. Mmg best.. Aku xla smpi addicted tapi abis la level yg aku install tu.. Ada lak level lain tapi kena upgrade n bayar, so x kuasa la aku kalu nak kena kluar duit pulak... Syed pun addicted jugak tapi tu dulu sbb dia dah abis install semua level angry bird dlm iphone.. Dia blh x tido main game tu... N pantang ada masa terluang... So my advice to u, biar jela, asal diorg da kat umh ngqn kita dr takde langsung...

  4. Amalia, tulah aku pn x smpi ati nk uninstall. Aiman siap menangis lg bla ckp nk uninstall, huhu. Tiap kali overdose main, mesti aku ugut nk uninstall.. huhu, tp lps ni lega skit kot sbb papa dia dh bli ipad. Lega skit aku, huhu